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Belleville Area Bicycling and Eating Society

What’s the cost of joining STLCC?

Membership fees are $30 for a full adult membership and $35 for families. Full membership includes a 20 percent discount off parts and accessories at The Cyclery, which sponsors STLCC, the opportunity to purchase Continental tires at greatly discounted prices and a $30 discount off the purchase of your first STLCC jersey.

How can I join STLCC?

Go to our Join Us! page and follow the instructions.

Will we still charge for non-members?

No. Under STLCC the vast majority of our rides will be construed as training rides. Training rides are open to members, but we are currently welcoming non-members to try us. The only rides we will charge for are major fundraisers.

Does STLCC have a senior citizen discount?

Not at this time. But as more of us become voting members, we certainly can ask STLCC to implement one.

Will we still have to sign waivers before every ride?

Yes. Most insurance companies require clubs to have their riders sign a waiver.

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